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FAQ - Most Frequently Asked Questions

January 15, 2016

Find answers to your questions here.  We have provided a digital copy of the manual for your product at the bottom of this list. We will continue to populate this page with answers to your most frequently asked questions. CAN I LINK MORE THAN ONE DEVICE AT ONE TIME TO THE WHALEY WATERPROOF BLUETOOTH SPEAKER? Yes, absolutely the Whaley can be paired with another speaker for twice the sound! Just choose "Whaley" from your Bluetooth device list and enjoy! HOW CAN I PAIR MY WHALEY TO ANOTHER WHALEY?  Make sure both speakers are turned off. Turn both of the speakers on at the same time and continue to hold down for 7 seconds or until you hear two beeps back-to-back. Then...

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Raise the curtain for our new Audiobomb Blog!

December 04, 2015

Hello and welcome to the new Audiobomb blog. Here’s where you will find all the latest and greatest news on everything about Audiobomb – from new product introductions to troubleshooting guides and more!   Plus, the Audiobomb blog will be your best source for any product videos or exciting news. Audiobomb was started to create products that bridge the gap between the convenience of electronics and the fun of water! Along the way, we will try and keep this blog as exciting as our innovative and amazing products.   So bookmark this blog, email to a friend/parents/cousins/co-workers and everyone else you know, and let’s pump up the volume on the news here at Audiobomb. We love your feedback on anything...

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